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Palm Springs Wedding Photographer

Kick ass wedding photography for the madly in love!

Photography Studios In Palm Springs

Palm Springs Wedding Photographer

Nestled below the San Jacinto mountains in the Coachella Valley, Palm Springs is a famous location for destination weddings among boho brides and stylish grooms. There are a lot of things that make this desert city east of Los Angeles unique, from the mid-century architecture to the colorful vibrance radiating throughout Palm Springs. In fact, it was the many design elements in Palm Springs and the people it attracts that called Ryan Horban to begin offering wedding photography services in the region. Ryan focuses on capturing candid moments and the true essence of a couple’s wedding day. That means photographing every funny detail of the wedding from a groomsman’s pants getting ripped on the dance floor to a group of bridesmaids shot-gunning beers. All of which this Palm Springs wedding photographer has had the good fortune of photographing many times! Ryan’s photojournalistic approach is to document a wedding in a fashion that highlights the good times. That means laughter, love, and lots of real emotion. Not that boring ass overly-posed crap where the photographer tells you to put your hand just perfectly on their partner’s cheek and then give them a dip kiss. Not that 1980s style garbage, because his work has been published in wedding blogs such as Green Wedding Shoes, JuneBug Weddings and Martha Stewart Weddings, and is often described as fun, candid and authentic. Real people having a really good time! With a photography style that illustrates emotion, Ryan’s wedding photographer reviews are the best in Palm Springs.

Contact Ryan Horban Photography via text at 951-704-9503 to get more information on him being your Palm Springs wedding photographer! Or use the contact form or the one below to send him a more detailed message about your upcoming Palm Springs wedding!

Capturing everything from the look on a father’s face while dancing with his beloved daughter to the mother-of-the-bride buttoning up her daughter’s wedding dress, Ryan documents all the little moments that a bride, groom, and their families will cherish for years to come. Although authentic, un-posed moments give a photograph feeling, Ryan also focuses on capturing other wedding details so the entire gallery so the photos tell a story. This means photographing the ceremony site, reception area, signature cocktails, table settings, florals, handmade décor, and all the personal details that a bride and groom put together to help make the wedding unique to them. This is because as a married man himself, Ryan understands how much time, effort and energy was put into researching wedding blogs, creating pinterest boards and of course the many verbal arguments that naturally occur when two people plan a Palm Springs wedding. Yes this award-winning photographer was also once a groom and vividly remembers every painful conversation/argument he had with his now wife over things like macrame designs and floral crowns.

Photographing elopements and weddings in Palm Springs is something Ryan has done for over 8 years, capturing good times, laughter and a tsunami of emotion between over 300 couples and counting. For more information on Palm Springs wedding packages and elopement packages please use the contact form below, or text him at 951-704-9503!

Palm Springs Wedding Photography

Wedding Venue Palm Springs

Palm Springs Wedding Estates

Palm Springs is now one of the most photographed places on social media, as instagram worthy locations in Palm Springs literally can be everywhere. But what makes the city stand out is the blend of mountains, desert and art. This combination has made Palm Springs a hub for luxurious destination weddings, whether it be an intimate private estate wedding at Casa de Monte Vista, or elegant wedding at a posh hotel such as the Avalon. Palm Springs weddings are known for being cozy, glamorous and most importantly private, making the city the destination where many celebrities, influencers, and just people with kick ass style get married. Some of the most popular Palm Springs wedding venues include:

  • Casa de Monte Vista: a location frequented by Liberace, this private estate wedding venue is perfect for Palm Springs elopements as well as larger more traditional weddings.
  • Villa Carmelita: also known as the Sony and Cher house, this luxury home is perfect for intimate weddings.
  • Moorten Botanical Garden: perfect for the intimate wedding that is surrounded by native desert vegetation.
  • Frederick Lowe Estate: private wedding venue with a glorious mountain view.
  • Private Estate Rental: Palm Springs offers many private estate rentals on websites such as Airbnb that have unique architecture with many mid-century or modernism elements that are perfect for small weddings or Palm Springs elopements.
  • Twin Palms Frank Sinatra Estate: what else do you need to say other than this was Frank Sinatra’s Palm Springs getaway estate. When you are at this Palm Springs private estate you can literally feel the musical history through your bones.
Palm Springs Wedding Photographer

Palm Springs Hotel Wedding

Best Wedding Venues In Palm Springs

Private estates and intimate wedding venues make a fantastic backdrop for any bride + groom and the Palm Springs wedding photographer capturing the event, but for couples wanting a more traditional, luxurious wedding the city also offers a variety of other trendy venues. Trendy Palm Springs hotels for weddings include:

  • The Parker Palm Springs: a high-end, luxurious hotel with gorgeous design elements everywhere. This hotel is where past Presidents and celebrities routinely stay.
  • Avalon Hotel: Known for its wedding ceremony site that is under two gorgeous palm trees and shaded by the San Jacinto mountains, the Avalon is perfect for the modern bride or groom.
  • Ace Hotel: With a vibrant pool scene and hipster vibe, this popular venue provides many rad locations for Palm Springs wedding photographers to get creative. The wedding venue even has a giant art mural that changes every year.

Choosing the right venue and decor always helps to create the perfect vibe, but Palm Springs wedding photographers also know many of the hidden photography spots off-site. Locations such as the “Welcome to Palm Springs” sign, windmills, and where the many gorgeous art murals are located throughout Palm Springs! So when looking for the best Palm Springs wedding photographer make sure that the wedding artist not only has good work, but also knows the area very well! Ryan Horban has documented over 300+ Palm Springs weddings, and has the best online reviews of any Palm Springs wedding photographer in the area.

Want to learn more about boho-inspired, or modern, luxurious Palm Springs weddings? Contact Ryan Horban Photography here for more information on wedding packages, and booking a Palm Springs wedding photographer who specializes in hunting human emotion like cheetah hunts a gazelle. Act now while supplies last!

Palm Springs Wedding Photographer

Top 5 Palm Springs Wedding Photographer FAQs

1. What made you decide to become a Palm Springs wedding photographer?

The opportunity to photograph summer weddings where temperatures routinely reach 115 was an opportunity I simply couldn’t pass up. I mean losing 20 lbs of water weight and possibly dying in the desert is the definition of living the dream right? In all seriousness, people who get married in Palm Springs are just so totally different than the clients I used to captured when I was a Temecula wedding photographer. Every bride or groom I have had the absolute pleasure of photographing in Palm Springs has had a vibe and personality that was I always connected with. This is because people who get married in Palm Springs tend to be relaxed, fun, stylish, and just f***ing cool. I can say truthfully that every client who has got married in Palm Springs was awesome. Not a single bride-zilla or groom-zilla yet!

2. What is the best wedding venue in Palm Springs?

There are so many great Southern California desert wedding venues in Palm Springs that there is no way I could choose one. I will say that each venue often fits the vibe of the couple and because of that the energy and feel is perfect each wedding. Some brides want a more hands-on, DIY venue like Ace Hotel where they can really create something unique, and other couples prefer a Palm Springs wedding venue that has the design elements built into the property such as the Korakia Pensione. And how could I even forget to mention the many private estates in Palm Springs that were designed by some of the most creative architects and home decor stylists that are perfect for a more intimate wedding or elopement. No way. Not going to answer this loaded question.

3. Any tips about Palm Springs wedding photography?

One thing people not from the Palm Springs area learn is that the sun falls behind the mountain about 2 hours prior to actual “sunset”. That means you never really get that golden hour like you do in many other places. That means brides and grooms who want photos tat have that sun-kissed warmth need to allocate time on their wedding day earlier than what is typical to get those epic wedding portraits.

4. Restaurants in downtown Palm Springs, or just the best restaurants in Palm Springs?

Easily one of my favorite things about Palm Springs is all the amazing restaurants that are perfect for wedding rehearsal dinner, catering for a wedding, or simply a fun night out on the town. Personally, I am a vegetarian so I absolutely love Chef Tanya’s for lunch or breakfast food. Every time I am in downtown Palm Springs I stop there for easily the best vegan food in Palm Springs. Other popular restaurants Trio, Copley’s on Palm Canyon, Miro’s and Spencers.

5. How would you describe your approach to Palm Springs wedding photography?

I don’t know how to put this but I’m kind of a big deal. People know me. I’m very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany. And I have more followers on Instagram than I have fingers and toes combined. So yeah when a client hires me to be their Palm Springs wedding photographer I come to kick ass. But in terms of style I would say I focus on good energy, laughter, candid moments, and capturing all those authentic moments in a way that is colorful and full of life.

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How Much Does A Wedding Photographer Cost In Palm Springs?

Palm Springs Wedding Photography Pricing

The best Palm Springs wedding photographer studios and elopement photographer in Palm Springs will offer pricing that can vary depending on expertise. Brides and grooms wondering how much does a wedding photographer cost in Palm Springs should anticipate paying approximately $700 per hour for intimate, elopement or small wedding coverage, and around $5000 for full wedding day packages. Full wedding day packages typically include 6-8 hours of coverage, an e-session session, and online gallery for free download of Palm Springs wedding photos. Wedding photos uploaded to the online gallery should all be professionally edited with copyright release. Clients wanting a raw Palm Springs wedding photos, prints, a second shooter, or wedding albums should expect to pay additional costs for add-ons.

Still have questions about Palm Springs wedding photography? Send me a message using the contact form below and I would be glad to help out in any way I can!

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Interested in videography or a photobooth? Send us a message how we can help you get the ultimate coverage for your Palm Springs wedding!